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Build Garden Steps


Door steps can be created to fit in with the driveway design.

Garden steps play an important role in the design of a landscape.

They can be created to fit in with the landscape, especially if your garden is uneven or sloping.



Paths can also be created to fit in with the design of your driveway.

They can be installed all round the property for added access or throughout your garden.

Paths can help to divide your garden into sections if required.

Paths can be designed using different materials as well as different designs.


Build Walls

Our team also build walls & re-point side walls etc.

Walls are ideal not only to keep your property more private and have boundaries but also to accentuate your garden.

You may wish to add smaller walls to divide your garden into sections, or to create raised beds for easy access.

Bricks are also used to build barbecues in the garden.


Lay Patios

Patios can be created using various materials, block paving and also Indian stone paving are the most popular choices.

They can be installed in any area of your garden.

They are quite a nice feature in the garden.

Require little maintenance.

They can bring the garden area into a more practical and functional part of the property.

The added space for the summer, inviting guests for barbecues or just a place for relaxing in or watching your children play in the garden; a patio area is a popular feature.

As well as having a patio as a feature it also keeps the maintenance down on the garden itself.





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