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Dry Verge


The old wet verge system needs  periodic maintenance of the mortar bedding.  Traditionally mortar was used to keep out water and pests, such as small animals or birds.  Although this is a more cheaper and practical, mortar is not very durable and, over time the mortar will crumble and crack due to the changeable weather of our climate and also natural movement of the property.  When the mortar cracks this causes problems with the rain getting in, also birds are known to penetrate the mortar and make themselves a nice spot for nesting.  Birds can also bring other pests into the roofing area causing havoc.  Therefore, regular checking of the mortar is essential to avoid problems.  Mortar may not be an easy fix, as scaffolding may need to be erected and the job is time consuming so it may not be cost effective in the long run.


The new Dry verge systems help avoid the defects of cracking and crumbling mortar and the pests and bird problems associated with it, as well as the need for regular maintenance of the mortar bedding.

Dry verge systems are becoming a very popular product, it is practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, it just adds that finished off look.

 For many tiles, special 'cloaked verge' tiles are available which neatly close the gap at the verge.

Alternatively plastic dry verge systems are available which suit most tiles.

Dry verge systems have interlocking caps, which fit over the edge of your roof tiles.  These are available in single units, i.e. one piece per tile course, or in continuous lengths.

There are more advantages to the dry verge, they are far more durable than the 'wet' verge.

 Weather proof and keep out small animals and birds.

 They are functional as well as improving the overall appearance of your roof. 

The systems are easy-to-use and provide a neat, secure and mortar-less finish at roof verges.

A dry verge system will also reduce the risk of wind damage, water penetration and will stop small animals and birds getting into the roof space and causing damage.

Dry Ridge

The Ridge is at the top of the roof.  Again, as with the verges this used to be a 'wet' ridge where the tiles were held in place with mortar.


These are gradually being replaced with the 'Dry' Ridge system. 


 Dry Ridge systems come in a variety of designs but offer a similar level of performance.


When using dry ridge systems the mortar joints between ridge tiles are replaced by plastic inserts, known as unions, that create the visual appearance of a mortar joint but have a hidden weather proofing system that carries away the water.


The next significant component of a dry ridge system sits between the ridges and the tiles of the roof slope. This part of the system usually includes a ventilated strip that ensures moisture laden air is vented from under the tiles.

Wet Verge to Dry Verge

We convert your old (copncrete) verges into moden uPPVC products that update your property.

Dry Verge System

Dry roof benefits

  • Durable
  • Designed to endure the strongest winds and changeable weather in the UK
  • Easy to install so reduces the labour time significantly
  • Condensation problems are easily solved
  • These tiles have been tested and provide excellent and continuous ventilation space at the ridge
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Keeps small animals and birds out




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